Kigali set for dozens of new buses to boost public transport capacity


(Posted 20th October 2013)

The recent introduction of a new public transport system in Rwanda’s capital city of Kigali has triggered a rush of demand on the busses put on the road by the three licensed transport companies, leaving many users frustrated over long waits and crowding. The new system was launched only two months ago and the vehicles available proved woefully inadequate compared to the number of people now wanting to use public transport and leave their vehicles at home when going to work.

City officials according to information received have however reacted promptly and it was learned that nearly 150 additional brand new busses will be added to the fleets before the end of the year, some coming on line as early as November, at which time the traffic patterns will also have been analyzed to establish if the various designated routes need changing or adjusting. Said the source while mailing the information: ‘We in Rwanda believe that we want the best there is. We are aiming to set standards others can follow. But when a new system is launched it can take a while to get it right. We have named and numbered streets across the entire city. Some people might still find it a challenge to navigate even with the new system but they will get used to it. Street maps are available and The Eye magazine publishes maps in every edition. The free internet will also allow visitors who seek a particular road or spot to go on Google Maps and get guidance on their mobile phones. Besides, Rwandans will always be happy to help a visitor out and offer directions how to get to places. Now about the busses, the demand went up very fast and it now takes a while for the bus companies to import more busses but it is in hand. When you come back we will show you what has been done but for now you can reassure your readers that Kigali city officials and bus companies are aware of these initial challenges and are dealing with it’.

Meanwhile has the Rwandan delegation returned home from the Nairobi meeting of the technical panel which is tasked to develop the logistics for the new single Visa regime between Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda and after also representing the Land of a Thousand Hills at the Magical Kenya Travel Expo in Kenya’s capital. The latest information in fact has confirmed that the three countries will make a formal announcement at the forthcoming World Travel Market which is held in London during the first week of November, explaining the urgency why the three delegations held an unscheduled meeting in Nairobi ahead of the upcoming Kigali Summit of the three Heads of State. Watch this space to be sure you do not miss such breaking news as and when they are told.

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