Festival Kreol seen through the lense of my camera …


(Posted 28th October 2013)

(Seychelles bound on KQ 450, the fastest way from Eastern Africa to the archipelago in just about 3 hours. And the aircraft used for the service that day, a SkyTeam branded Embraer E190)

(And the ride was smooth all the way to landing in Mahe, so no need for that …)

(And this is what I came for … It is Festival Kreol time in the Seychelles, a week when music, song, dance, food, culture and colours all run riot)

(Opening ‘salvo’ at Eden Plaza – the President of the Region of La Reunion Didier Robert (left) and Seychelles’ Minister for Tourism and Culture Alain St. Ange at the media briefing on the eve of the Festival Kreol)

(Seen here at the first event of the Festival Kreol week are President James Alix Michel (left) and the Minister for Tourism and Culture Alain St. Ange next to him)

(Impressions of Creole people as seen at a photo exhibition)

(State House Victoria – the former Governor’s Mansion today serves as the centre of political power in the Seychelles. Impressions from outside and inside …)

(Seychelles’ presidents since independence, Sir James Mancham, Albert Rene and James Alix Michel. Pictures in the same state room also show two former governors in their splendid uniforms and last but not least, President James Michel receives a gift from the President of the Region of La Reunion, Didier Robert)

(Scenes from the opening night in the centre of Victoria of the Festival Kreol)

(This Festival Kreol display is probably the best protected of them all in the entire Victoria … and it will most definitely NOT be nicked, these five boys and gals in blue will make sure of that)

(And the parade is underway … colourful, noisy, jubilant, passionate and most of all, so very Creole)

(And yours truly as usual hard at work to get all the stories written up, pictures processed and selected to keep you all informed and entertained … and yes, well spotted #NeedMoreTea is ever present)

(The chef makes sure that all is set and ready to go when the guests come for some of this delicious food at the Creole night at the Constance Ephelia Resort, Port Launay)

(Two of the performers, one impromptu dance performance and oh yes, those spirits … do I need say more)

(Action packed programme with visits and project launches at the Institute Creole, the Bel Air Cemetery and Venn’s Town / Mission Lodge where visitors have one of the best views from high up on the island across the Indian Ocean)

(And for those who speak Kiswahili, when one has too much Takamaka at night one easily feels like Takataka the next morning … which brought this presentation to a temporary halt … says yours truly tongue in cheek – enjoy!)

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