Tanzania gifts Kilimanjaro overflight to KQ7773


(Posted 06th November 2013)

When Kenya Airways’ celebratory launch flight KQ 7773 with their brand new B777-300ER, the airline’s largest ever aircraft, approached Mt. Kilimanjaro enroute to the Kenya coast, Capt. Mwangi made an announcement which had all passengers put their hands together for an instant and prolonged round of applause and then some more, for none other thanTanzania’s civil aviation authority.

We have received permission from our brothers in Tanzania to circle Mt. Kilimanjaro’ he said and then promptly changed course to enter Tanzanian airspace from the Kenyan side to allow passengers an unrestricted view of the mountain top. While the lower slopes were covered in thick clouds, the top was visible from the aircraft and for many it was clearly the first time that they were able to see into the crater and have that close up and personal experience. A big thank you is due to the Tanzanians for permitting this special over flight but it also raises the question if we could not make that a more permanent feature to have sightseeing flights organized, from Kilimanjaro International Airport, from Dar es Salaam, Nairobi and Mombasa to give ever so often people a chance to have an equally amazing experience, and a nice bundle of money could perhaps be made of it, considering how popular sightseeing flights are over other attractions on the continent, like the Victoria Falls, or in America the Grand Canyon. So it is a big Asante Sana to the Tanzanian officials who made this possible and gave the 250 invited guests on board the aircraft such a unique opportunity. Webare Nyo, Danke Schoen and Thank you very very much for making this possible,

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