RwandAir flights can now be ‘tracked’


(Posted 11th November 2013)

In RwandAir’s latest initiative, aimed to be more user friendly yet, has flight tracking now become available to allow those expecting passengers to arrive in Kigali or one of the 14 other destinations the airline flies to be at the airport right on time without wasting any waiting time.

The first step is to use Google Search and entering RwandAir, RwandAir Schedule or RwandAir Contact and then move on to enter the respective flight number in the ‘search box’ which will then permit to see the flight status and location of the particular service one searches for.

RwandAir is already one of the region’s most e-savvy in the business, largely as a result of Rwanda’s commitment to connect the country, make people computer literate and become Eastern and Central Africa’s main ICT hub and this latest move will only serve to make the airlines an even greater favourite with frequent flyers to and from Kigali and beyond. Watch this space for regular news updates from East Africa’s aviation scene.

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