Rwanda’s ServiceMag once again seeks the best through online survey


(Posted 12th November 2013)

Rwanda’s leading magazine, the ServiceMag has just invited for votes from the general public to establish the best and the worst service providers for 2013, something which predictably is causing unease if not outright tension in the office suites of Rwanda’s corporations and businesses.

Votes can now be cast online via the following link, making the process all but incorruptible and giving those pleased with the services they got during the past year, but also those who are fed up to the teeth with the shabby treatment they may have received from their own service providers during the past year, the great opportunity to pass judgment and either award or else punish with their votes.

Here is the link to vote:

The survey will end on the 06th of December and the audited results will be announced in January next year, giving the winners a full year to enjoy their status and repeat their accomplishments while those named as among the worst will have a year of regrets ahead of them, but also time to mend their ways and improve their standings with their clients and general public to do better when the next, the 3rd survey is carried out in 12 months time.

Well done for this initiative to the management and staff of the ServiceMag for this effort to recognize and award excellence and to ‘out’ bad practice and poor customer care. Watch this space.

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