A week and counting to the 2013 Lamu Cultural Festival


(Posted 15th November 2013)

The countdown is now on as one of Kenya’s great heritage festivals, the Lamu Cultural Festival is exactly a week away. The focus during the 4 day long festival, from 21st to the 24th November inclusive, will be on the Swahili culture, poetry, song and dance, food of course not forgetting as visitors to Lamu can expect all the hotels and resort to lay on traditional cuisine menus and buffets, stimulating both minds and taste buds of those taking the long journey to one of Kenya’s hidden gems. In the programme are again dhow and donkey races, but also henna painting, something many lady visitors will want to experience and ‘take home’ with them, showing off the intricate forms and designs on legs, feet and hands.

Lamu, an ancient Swahili township, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers an insight of how life in the old days was, as little has changed in terms of architecture and lifestyle of the local population. Lamu is also one of the few places were the traditional dhows are still built by hand, using nothing but wood, rope and canvas to create those ancient sailing ships known for the triangular sails.

Daily flights from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport by Safarilink (www.flysafarilink.com) and others connect Lamu with the Kenyan capital and those who still make up their mind should rush as few seats are now left while hotel, resort and guest house spaces have almost sold out too.

In addition will daily bus services run from Mombasa and Malindi to Lamu to facilitate visitors who can either not afford the airfare or else find flights fully booked. The Festival is supported by the Kenya Tourism Board and the Lamu County Government and organized by the Lamu Cultural Promotion Group. Visit this website for more information: http://www.magicalkenya.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=176&Itemid=193

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