High altitude rescue by Tropic Air saves another life


(Posted 15th November 2013)

The Nanyuki based Tropic Air, incidentally also the operators of the Nanyuki airstrip into which much of the traffic destined for Mt. Kenya and Ol Pejeta comes, has once again performed a miracle rescue when airlifting a British soldier from an elevation of 15.650 feet above sea level, an altitude reportedly never before reached for such a medivac operation in Kenya. The man suffered from high altitude illness and was in a bad shape when his comrades alerted their base which in turn then sent an emergency rescue request to Tropic Air.

(Both pictures courtesy of Tropic Air)

While the patient is reportedly recovering well back at base – the British Army maintains a significant number of troops in a training facility near Nanyuki which it operates with the full agreement of the Kenyan government – the pilot surely deserves a big pat on the back for the heroic flying after Tropic Air’s office got the emergency call relayed from high up the mountain.

Tropic Air is also part of the Laikipia Wildlife Forum and as such provides invaluable airborne rapid response services when poaching incidents are reported from the nearby conservancies. For this, I know from discussions with conservationists while on Ol Pejeta recently, they have the eternal gratitude of those involved in wildlife conservation and protection and my personal respect for the contribution they are making. Visit http://www.tropicairkenya.com for more information on aircraft fleet, routes flown and services available.

In recognition of their work, repeatedly mentioned here before by the way, a little insight into their commercial air operation and a narrative of how their tailor made airsafaris, by fixed wing and helicopter, work out for visitors who want to explore Kenya in style: http://www.amagazine.com.au/travel/kenya-safari-air

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