Minor landing mishap for WB 301 this morning – no injuries or damage


(Posted 16th November 2013)

Rwanda’s national airline RwandAir this morning suffered a slight landing problem with flight WB 301 when coming into Kigali International Airport from Dubai. Sudden gusts of cross winds after touching down combined with heavy rain pushed the plane, a Boeing B737-800NG slightly off the runway into the grass on the side of the tarmac.

Passengers and crew were normally disembarked via staircase as was the baggage offloaded normally too. The plane was then towed into the hangar to be inspected for any material damage to the gear where it is understood it has been given a clean bill of health and is being prepared for the next scheduled flight. With rumours flying around and speculation rife, the airline has issued the following authoritative statement, showing that there is nothing more to it than a slight deviation from the runway, without any damage to the plane or injury to any passengers or crew. The Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority, in short RCAA,  is reportedly looking into this minor incident.

Start quote:

For Immediate Release

RwandAir the national carrier would like to officially inform the public that aircraft WB 301 from Dubai run off the run way at 10:26 am local time. Weather at the time was severe with heavy winds and rain.

All passengers and crew were normally disembarked and the aircraft has since been pulled to the hangar for checkup and is being prepared for the next flight. Airport operations have since resumed normally.

We experienced slight disruption in our morning operations but as of now situation is back to normal.

End quote

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