Exploring Uganda’s lakes by dug out canoe


(Posted 22nd November 2013)

Uganda’s first ever WSA Award Winner www.gorillahighlands.com has just launched another product aimed to make the exploration of Uganda’s South West more comfortable and more exciting. ‘Edirisa Canoe Trekking’ can now be booked by tour and safari operators as well as individual travellers and has recently been sampled by this correspondent during a visit to the area to experience the new hiking trails and new itineraries available for many a traveller wanting to get out of their 4×4 while on safari and more actively participate in discovering Uganda’s arguably most scenic part of the country.

Edirisa, as mentioned here before, has published the now award winning e-book about the Gorilla Highlands and also got PDF files available to download, for travellers keen to come to Uganda and get away from the beaten tracks, exploring new locations and doing it on foot and by canoe. Both the award winning e-book, or at least part thereof, and the Gorilla Highlands Pocket Guide can be accessed through the following links and provide an invaluable source of information for local as well as foreign travellers.: Gorilla Highlands Interactive eBook.

Gorilla Highlands Pocket Guide

A further overview, specifically dedicated to the canoe experience, is now also available on line and can be viewed via http://edirisa.org/index.php?cat=68

Uganda’s South West, the border triangle of Uganda, Congo and Rwanda, has of late seen renewed interest as both the Kampala Aero Club and AeroLink are now flying scheduled and coach services into this part of the country, the Aero Club from Kajjansi to the Kayonza Tea Estate field and AeroLink to the Savannah airstrip in Kihihi and the main CAA aerodrome in Kisoro. This has opened up the entire range of hikes across the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park from Buhoma to Nteko and Nkuringo, but also the hikes up Mt. Gahinga inside the Mgahinga National Park, Uganda’s second gorilla park after the better known Bwindi. The local lakes, like Bunyonyi, though that one is nearer to Kabale, as well as lakes Mutanda and Mulehe offer plenty of opportunity to hire a local canoe, boatman included, and go out to explore the rich birdlife along the shores as well as visit some of the islands, free of any dangers by hippos or crocodiles, as none of those species are present in these lakes.

(Picture courtesy of www.Edirisa.org)

Uganda has been put into the top bracket of destinations to visit by National Geographic for 2013 and was the Lonely Planet’s top choice of destinations in 2012. Welcome to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. For yet more information about the country visit www.visituganda.com or www.ugandawildlife.org

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