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Porini / Gamewatchers’ newsletter is always worth a read and in view of the feedback from regular followers on my blog, after posting the first few editions, I am happy to bring you yet another edition, so that more of you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Kenya and some of the action in the parks.

Gamewatchers Safaris November 2013
Dear Dr. Wolfgang,

Greetings Porini Enthusiast!

GLORIFIED SUNSETS! ENCHANTING LITTLE SOUNDS!! ITCHY EARS!!! CALM CATS!!!! FRESH COFFEE!!!!! RETURN OF THE WILDEBEESTS?!!!!!! Wow! Have I just run a marathon or what! I feel like I am running along a moving window to capture all these moments all at one go!… "Slow down" says the voice in my head…"You can do ALL of this at nicer pace…go to the bush…" Don’t wait for tomorrow, get in touch with your agent and book your safari quick quick quick! Take advantage of these low season rates and get a high season experience with the surprising presence of the Wildebeests! Read on for more details!

This month’s edition of "in the wilds" takes you on a journey through days in the life of our various staff. Let’s begin with our Commercial Director, Dr Mohanjeet Brar (pictured in the center) part of the team accepting the award for the Naboisho Conservancy, at the World Travel Market held in London, 4 – 7th November 2013. The Conservancy was Highly Commended for "Best Destination for Responsible Tourism".

Represented from Left to Right: Sean Anderson, Dr Mohanjeet Brar, Justin Francis

Let the journey begin…

With best wishes,


Aleema Noormohamed
Marketing Executive

Porini Safari Camps

Project Lazarus

We support the St Lazarus Community School in Kibera which provides nutrition & education for disadvantaged children.We have just made a donation that covered sports equipment and stationary.

This month we delivered materials from some recent guests, Chialing Ku, Robert and Louise Dixson, Leigh Thompson, Penny Bosworth. All had come to Kenya for a safari with us and very kindly donated to the school.

Our Reservations Agent and Conservation Manager, Angela and Chantal, went to the school for the donations

St. Lazarus Community School was formed in 1996 when a group of people from the Silanga village of the Kibera slums and Rachel Lomosi, who is now the Executive Director, wanted to help the numerous disadvantaged children in their community have a place to receive an education, shelter and healthcare. The only place that was available was a couple of small rooms located in a dangerous area, just a few feet away from the main railway line.

St. Lazarus has since grown and through generous donations we’ve now been able to purchase another ‘mud’ building inside the slum. We are in the processes of renovating it so that the children can have a better learning environment and not be as crowded in the classrooms. In addition to education, the children are provided with breakfast and lunch at the school. And due to a generous donation from British Telecom’s top trainee technicians we have been able to add meat & fruit to the children’s diet. Unfortunately for many of the kids this is the only food they get all day.

We take donations for the school which goes towards the feeding program, the building renovations and teacher salaries. We plan to open a new classroom and to take in 20 more children once we have the funds to do so. (100% of your donation goes to the school without any kind of deduction).

Have you thought about making melodies with your hands? Watch these kids to see how it is done!

Making Melodies with St Lazarus kids
Making Melodies with St Lazarus kids
New Partners! – A breath of Fresh Coffee at the CaféUbuntu!

We have joined forces with Comfort The Children (CTC) International who are a non-profit organization that work alongside Kenyan communities to provide resources that create sustainable change. CTC builds relationships and programs that empower residents to help themselves.

CTC’s initiatives focus on education, environment, economy, health and community development that directly impact the community as a whole. Our Marketing Executive and Conservation and Social Responsibility Manager recently made a trip to the CTC headquarters based in Maai Mahiu, and later stopped at their brand new café, Café Ubuntu.

Café Ubuntu is just what Maai Mahiu needed! The first ever of its kind in that area, the caféwill serve as a resource and information center for the Rift Valley, and will be self sustaining by creating a number of job. It is an entity on its own with modern bathroom facilities, and a great coffee time menu, that is on order basis at the moment. Let us not forget the most nourishing and mouth watering pizza that was served hot and straight from the oven!

With a high ceiling which gives the café a feel of being larger than life, the beverage menu painted on the wall and the little farm in the café’s backyard, Café Ubuntu is a must stop for anyone heading out to the Maasai Mara, or for anyone looking to have a coffee in a complete unconventional setting! This, is a breath of FRESH COFFEE!

Read more on the café


Featured Article – On Safari: The Wonders Of Kenya

by Tahir Shah

Wake up just after dawn at a tented encampment near the chill shadowed slopes of Kilimanjaro, and it’s impossible not to feel reborn. The air is cool, filled with the clatter of white-bellied ‘go-away’ birds, the ground moist with fresh dew. There’s a scent of raw nature, and a sense that time has been wound back centuries.

All around the tents are the smooth round footprints of an elephant herd. A Masai warrior bends down to examine them. His name is Jackson, and he works as a guide at the exclusive Porini Camp, located in the bewitching wilderness of Amboseli.

‘A big tusker’s been here,’ Jackson says surely, his finger slowly circling the enormous footprint. ‘He led the others through in the dead of night. By now they will be across the border, in Tanzania.’


For the full story, please click here.

Action in Porini
Elephant Ear Itch

"Have you ever tried standing between trees to scratch your ears?" "Chilling like a cat"

What are we up to – Let’s see what Big John has been up to!



The wildebeests have done a surprising U-Turn back to Kenya! If you haven’t seen the migration yet, now is the time! Big John reports from the Maasai Mara.

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