Kenya scoops ‘World’s Leading Safari Destination’ Award in Doha


(Posted 02nd December 2013)

When Kenya in 10 days time celebrates the 50th year of Independence with a grand Golden Jubilee bash, the country’s tourism marketers at KTB will be able to enjoy two moments of glory they have seen lift many spirits for an industry this year otherwise plagued with often not so good news.

During the Africa World Travel Award Ceremony in October, at the Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi, did the Kenya Tourism Board bag Africa’s most coveted prize as ‘Africa’s Leading Tourist Board’ and during the just concluded Global World Travel Award ceremony in Doha, KTB brought home the equally coveted ‘World’s Leading Safari Destination’ trophy. This puts the country ahead over their closest rivals on the continent as KTB vies to bring more visitors to appreciate the famous national parks, game reserves and of course the sundrenched beaches from Kiwayu over Lamu, Malindi, Watamu and Mombasa all the way across Diani to Shimoni.

Congratulations go to Muriithi Ndegwa and his entire team in Nairobi for this resounding vote of confidence, in Kenya as the world’s leading safari destination and in the work done by KTB throughout the year.

And as if nature too wanted to celebrate this final tourism prize of 2013, has the annual migration of the wildebeest returned unexpectedly for a second time in search of pastures as the Serengeti, where the great herds are supposed to be enroute to the low grass plains between the Serengeti and Ngorongoro, has been plagued by a major drought with not enough fodder. This has led to a rare spectacle that visitors to the Masai Mara can this year enjoy a second opportunity to see the herds crossing the Mara river as they stream back into the game reserve and populate the undulating hills of the Masai Mara once again. Watch this space because it is here where you read it first.

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