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In the ongoing series of reproducing interesting and insightful news broadcasts, this latest publication of ATTA, the African Travel and Tourism Association has come just in time to be shared today with my readers. And of course, for companies engaged in tourism activities across the African continent, membership in ATTA is hugely important to benefit from the many initiative ATTA undertakes every year on behalf of their members.

Enjoy the read!

Atta News

Tides reopens just in time for Atta Christmas Networking Party

The Bay Hotel is pleased to announce the reopening of Tides, a beachfront hotspot with a 180 degree unobstructed view over the Camps Bay strip. Be amongst the first to experience this new and exciting venue during the Atta Christmas Networking Party onThursday, 5 December 2013.

Wildebeests Return to the Mara in Rare Event Thousands of wildebeests that moved to Serengeti National Park in Tanzania in September have returned to the Maasai Mara Game Reserve.

African Economic News Where in the world the best returns coming from in the next decade?

Underwater Hotel Room Opened On Pemba Island A resort on Pemba Island has added a beautiful, other-worldly underwater bedroom to their original 16-room offering.

Tanzania and Kuwait sign tourism cooperation agreement The State of Kuwait and Tanzania signed two agreements to encourage and protect mutual investments, and cooperation over tourism.

New Markets for Kenya Kenya’s tourism industry is now targeting new markets with a view to fulfilling the desire to grow the number of tourists visiting Kenya from the current average of one million to three million by the year 2015.

Kenya air travel in sub-Sahara Africa showing good growth Kenya Airways, the national carrier reported first half earnings last week. Kenya Airways announced a 9.042 per cent rise in first half revenues. KQ expanded capacity by 17 per cent in its home market where demand has been strong.

Stakeholders oppose merging of KTB with other State agencies Kenya tourism stakeholders have opposed the planned merger of Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) with three other government agencies in the proposed restructure of parastatals and state corporations.

Ethiopian to Singapore Ethiopian Airlines has announced it will be starting flights to Singapore on December 3 with three scheduled flights a week.

Ethiopian Airlines expands its flee Boeing has delivered Ethiopian Airlines’ first 777-300ER, the largest airplane in the Ethiopian flag-carrier’s fleet, to provide it with increased capacity and improved operating economics on key routes from its base in Addis Ababa.

Zimbabwe: E-visa for China and India Zimbabwe has launched an e-visa platform for China and India in line with the increased tourist arrivals and investment from those countries.

Renovations at Kilimanjaro International Airport Kilimanjaro International Airport, JRO, will undergo further upgrades, expansion and modernisation from middle of next year, after a 35 million Euro package was put together for financing the works.

Namibia Documentary for the Chinese Tourism Market Namibia is still not tapping the Chinese tourism market, it was said during the Third Africa-Arab Summit.

Russia – The World’s Second Fastest Outbound Travel Market According to industry experts, Russia is now the world’s second fastest growing outbound travel market in terms of spend.

New Video Solution for Low-Bandwidth Africa While online video usage has exploded internationally, Africa is lagging behind because unbroken streaming is not possible in the low-rate internet infrastructures available on the continent.

Atta Member News

7 Reasons to go on holiday in Zimbabwe right now

AWF boosts support for Manyara Ranch Enhanced Conservation Initiatives on Manyara Ranch. African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) recently expanded their financial and technical commitment and support for Manyara Ranch, within which lies the 35000 acre Manyara Ranch Conservancy just outside of Tarangire National Park.

Kenya Airways expands cooperation with KLM Kenya Airways has expanded its cooperation with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines within East Africa, following the signing of a far reaching joint venture agreement.

Leopards, leopards everywhere! This is a good story about leopards making a comeback and a community of landowners who care. Read more about the innovative leopard identification project at Limpopo-Lipadi reserve in Botswana. Leopards, leopards everywhere!

Prince Harry, Dominic West and Alexander Skarsgård checked in at The Bay HotelPrince Harry, British actor Dominic West and Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård, all patrons for Walking With The Wounded, recently stayed at the Bay Hotel before starting out on an expedition to the South Pole.

Sir Richard Branson participates in traditional Maasai ceremony for the launch of Kenyan Safari Camp The ceremony, which comes 6 years after Richard originally became a recognised tribal Maasai Elder in 2007, took place on the plains near Mahali Mzuri and began with opening prayers.

South African Airways announces the winners of Capture South Africa photography competition

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