Yoga comes to Lamu


(Posted 03rd December 2013)

What has been called ‘East Africa’s first Yoga Summit’ will take place between March 13 – 16 in Kenya’s ancient township of Lamu, which according to the festival organizers provides exactly the picture perfect and yet tranquil setting to stage such a gathering for the first time and provide the right atmosphere for Yoga enthusiasts and practitioners.

Information about the festival has only just been released and become available and the additional East African dimension almost dictates that the news are spread wide and far. Events during the festival will take place in various locations across the Lamu archipelago, among them the town of Lamu itself, on Manda island and in Shela. A full festival programme is not as yet available but will be published in due course on their website.

Volunteers are invited to help organize and run the event and will according to information availed get to attend all sessions for free in return for their time and effort.

Lamu, which only two weeks ago hosted their annual Lamu Cultural Festival, is one of Kenya’s hidden secret places, rather well known by name but visited by far too few to appreciate the ancient architecture, the laid back lifestyle and the chance to see a traditional dhow being built by hand, using only wood and natural materials.

Lamu is connected by air with daily flights to Malindi and also from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport, where among others Safarilink ( offers daily departures. There are also bus services from Mombasa and from Malindi available for those travelling on a budget.

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