Musanze Caves now officially open for visitors


(Posted 05th December 2013)

The Rwanda Development Board’s Tourism and Conservation Department will later today formally launch the ‘Musanze Cave Experience’ following several months of trials and a more recent soft opening phase.

The Musanze caves development works were undertaken by RDB in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence-Reserve Force from January 2013 onwards to open up two of several caves for tourism purpose. The work carried out included the establishment of tourist walkways and trails, stairs and other measures to make visits to the caves by safe for tourists.

The Head of Tourism and Conservation at RDB noted ahead of the formal launch that the local community will benefit from this new product as business will undoubtedly flourish near the cave entrance and exit. Wrote Ms. Rica Rwigamba: ‘Local investors have already shown interest to build hotels at the cave entrance. We will also ensure that local communities benefit from this new product’.

More than 600 local people have according to information received from Kigali participated in the development works of caves, percolating benefits from Rwanda’s growing tourism industry down to community grass root level.

The Musanze caves offer an insight and better understanding of the geological history and development of the earth and in particular in this part of Rwanda with its prehistoric volcanic past.

(Yours truly all geared up to explore the Musanze Caves – and a look from the bottom up at the exit of the trail)

This correspondent was earlier this year able to visit the caves while some sections were still undergoing development and work along the trail, and the impressions reported at the time can be accessed via

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