Santa Claus Serena style – be part of lighting up a child’s face this Christmas


(Posted 05th December 2013)

Guests staying at any of the Serena properties across Eastern Africa will have noticed that the regular Christmas tree decorations have this year remained in the stores and may wonder why that is so.

Serena Hotels, as part of their corporate social responsibility programme, have this year opted to light up faces instead of trees across their 24 properties in Eastern Africa, dedicating their decoration funds set aside for 2013 to bring the Christmas spirit to those in need. From Kigali to Mombasa and from Kampala to Maputo will therefore Serena work hand in hand with children’s charities, children’s homes and special schools, to bring Christmas to them who otherwise might not have much reasons to celebrate, were it not for such generosity.

Serena’s guests can participate in this splendid idea for the forthcoming holiday season by making donations at the hotel, resort, safari camp or safari lodge they are staying at or by visiting the hotel group’s website at and clicking on the link to the ‘Wish Tag’ where donations can be made to widen the reach of Serena’s Christmas 2013 initiative. Merry Christmas to you all and especially those in dire need who can only enjoy the Christmas spirit with a little help from the Serena Santa Claus.

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