Uganda’s South West – now clearly ‘en vogue’


(Posted 07th December 2013)

At a UNWTO / UNDP supported tourism workshop in Kampala this week, organized by the Uganda Tourism Board, did participants have the opportunity to see the latest two private sector initiatives to promote Uganda’s South West, a new pocket guide by and a brand new video map, which is still being developed further to include ultimately all points of interest covered by the pocket mini guide or the exhaustive and award winning e-book ‘Gorilla Highlands’, available through Apple’s iBookstore at a cost of 14.99 US Dollars.

Workshop participants in fact let go of their long overdue coffee break to stay in their seats and leave their eyes glued on the screen to learn all there is to know about this part of Uganda, which is fast establishing itself as an equal to Jinja, the erstwhile ‘Adventure Capital of East Africa’ with new adventure activities, hiking, biking, canoeing, with visitors having the unique opportunity to also get to know the cultural and historical side of the Bakiga, the Batwa and other tribal groups living the border triangle of Uganda, Congo DR and Rwanda. Workshop participants were united in their opinion that besides hearing much about the East of the country this presentation of the South West’s attractions was one of the main highlights. Apple’s iBookstore presently ‘sells’ the Gorilla Highlands e-book in 50 countries and plans to add more in the near future.

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