To Mock or Not To Mock …


(Posted 10th December 2013)

Kenya Airways has reportedly been taken to court by their former corporate communications manager over an alleged incident at the end of the Kenya Airways sponsored safari marathon a few weeks ago.

A source close to the airline has confirmed that Kepha Bosire had during the evening dinner celebration put on a T-shirt of a London based football club which was advertising a rival airline and apparently refused to accept a number of ‘hints’ by colleagues to take it off and wear the Kenya Airways’ branded shirt which had been provided to officials participating in the event. The source suggested that Bosire was made aware of the likely affront his outfit could cause and that wearing the T-shirt would be seen as a mockery of his employer and put his loyalty (if not his sanity) as not just an ordinary employee but head of corporate communications, i.e. spokesperson, in question. Since regular sources were reluctant to get drawn further into the circumstances of the incident, it could not be established if perhaps alcohol was to blame for this seemingly mocking behaviour by Bosire, who within days of the incident then tendered his resignation from Kenya Airways after his position as ‘the voice of Kenya Airways’ had clearly become untenable.

Bosire’s departure was at the time communicated to this correspondent not by himself as would ordinarily be expected but by other Kenya Airways’ staff, without at the time providing any further details. The only added comments were stating that a new head of corporate communications would be appointed in due course, which has since then of course taken place with Ms. Alice Odera now at the helm of Kenya Airways’ corporate communications.

Bosire, according to two Nairobi based sources, has now taken his former employers to court and made a range of added allegations which on first perusal read like a tale told at the end of a boys night out in town.

Time, as always, will tell if court will throw this out as a nuisance suit or entertain it, pun intended, with a full hearing, Watch this space.

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  1. There was a story about the incident in one of Kenya’s newspapers a few days ago. The story appeared in The Star newspaper, one of the smaller outlets, as apparently none of the big media houses wants to touch it.

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