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What do Tourists Want?

A Tripadvisor survey confirms that we all want free stuff and no one cares about the minibar..Read more


Safari in India: What if You’re Gay?

A safari in India is on many people’s bucketlists, but India has just shut its doors to those in same-sex relationships.Read more


Celebrating Kenya’s 50th Independence Day

On December 12th 2013 Kenya marked 50 years of self-governance; there has been no better time to visit.Read more


Made in Chelsea on Safari

The cast of ‘Made in Chelsea’ go wild in the African bush, staying at Jembisa.Read more


Best Safari Spa in Africa

With the results of the Safari Awards on the horizon, we take a look at some South African nominees for the Best Safari Spa in AfricaRead more


Special Offer: Hog Hollow Lodge on Garden Route

Hog Hollow Country Lodge is a little bit of ‘safari’ luxury for those travelling the Garden Route, South AfricaRead more


Best Diving in Africa?

The best diving in Africa without leaving your bed, in Manta Resort’s underwater room…Read more


What Makes a Good Safari Camp?

The top 5 ‘must haves’ for a good safari campRead more


5 Facts About Hippos That Will Surprise You

Wednesday Wildlife Wisdom 5 Facts about Hippos that will really surprise youRead more


Safari Lodge Special Offer: Amara Selous

4 for 3 safari lodge special offer at Amara Selous, for a spectacular safari in Africa complete with infinity pool overlooking river rapids..Read more

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