A rebranded Malindi attracts top resort names and high fashion


(Posted 26th December 2013)

Malindi is getting ready, not just for the New Year’s Eve celebrations but also for the second edition of the Kikoi Festival, which will take place on the 30th of December at the ‘White Elephant’.

The catwalk fashion show will bring the latest Kikoi creations into the public eye, offering another eye candy for fashion conscious Malindeans and visitors from upcountry and abroad.

Fashion and culture – like the Gedi Ruins or the Vasco da Gama Monument – but also deep sea fishing, which is so good that it brought Ernest Hemingway in his days regularly to this part of the Kenyan coast, have been at the centre of Malindi’s rebranding itself and the addition of new properties in recent years, like Flavio Briatore’s award winning ‘Lion in the Sun’ and his more recently opened ‘Billionaires Resort’, the Medina Palms in Watamu and the magnificent revival of the favourite of locals and expatriates, the Driftwood Club, has added to Malindi’s fresh appeal.

Regular flights connect Malindi with Nairobi, making visits to that part of the Kenyan coast a quick and easy trip. Watch this space for regular destination updates and news from the hospitality industry along the East African coastline.

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