Briatore makes an impact in Malindi


(Posted 31st December 2013)

Flavio Briatore, owner of two hospitality businesses in Malindi, the Billionaires Resort and the Lion in the Sun, has joined hands with his colleagues in the tourism industry, as well as with local politicians, to improve the security of tourists along the beaches, reduce harassment by so called beach boys and ensure regular clean ups along the shores of seaweed and other debris.

The newly formed Malindi Beach Association has reportedly already employed 16 staff members who will work hand in hand with Kenya Wildlife Service personnel deployed to safeguard the marine national parks and the regular police patrols and Briatore reportedly underwrote a significant portion of their wages.

Briatore’s interest in such local affairs, he came to Malindi a few weeks ago to officially open his new Billionaires Resort – which was reported here at the time – was broadly welcomed among hotel and resort owners and managers. Many of Malindi’s resorts cater for Italian tourists and many hotels are owned by Italian investors, who had no doubt been interacting with Briatore and his management team in the run up to the opening of the Billionaires Resort to make them aware of the various challenges they are facing.

Good news no doubt for tourism in Malindi and visitors will be able to enjoy their walks at the beach now to a greater extend as well as strolling through Malindi where the patrols, according to the source of the information, will also be deployed. Watch this space for breaking and regular news from Kenya’s hospitality and tourism sector.

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