Marasa holds 2013 rates as VAT decision reversed


(Posted 04th January 2014)

Marasa Africa, owners and operators of 4 safari lodges in Uganda and 3 safari properties in Kenya, has taken the opportunity, when wishing their clientele a Happy New Year, to also announce that their rack rates for the Chobe Safari Lodge will remain for 2014 as they were set in 2013, after the Ugandan government yielded to pressure and rescinded a decision to levy an 18 percent VAT on tourist lodges and hotels in upcountry locations.

Marasa also pledged to continue their generous discounting policy for local tourists, which includes visitors from the other 4 East African Community member states, in their effort to promote domestic tourism.

The lodge, in a related development, also broke news that an 80 kilogram Nile Perch was caught recently by one of their guests’ who was out fishing on the River Nile. After weighing and tagging the giant was the fish then released back into the river to live another day. Chobe Safari Lodge has for long maintained a reputation as one of Uganda’s finest fishing locations along the River Nile, which rushes towards the Murchisons Falls and forms a never ending sound background as well as provides spectacular sights for visitors as seen in the picture above.

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  1. I will not be visiting Uganda whilst a visa is still required. It is now the 21st. Century!

      1. Thank you for the reply. I enjoy your blogs and appreciate all the hard work that goes into providing the multitude of different topics. When do you think that Fast Jet may get permission to operate to/from Nairobi? Can Fast Jet, in fact, break through the protectionism that prevails in the Aviation Industry in general in Africa, or are they flogging a dead horse? Your expert opinion would be much appreciated. I believe a genuine LCC would be a very welcome development for ALL Africans, giving them opportunities unthinkable just a few short years ago. My best wishes to you for the New Year.

      2. Thank you Annemarie for your compliments, which are very much appreciated.
        FastJet has yet to make an announcement about commencing flights from Dar to Nairobi but perhaps 2014 will be their year to go fully regional in East Africa. Much of the high cost of flying in our region though is a result of high regulatory cost, high taxes and fees levied on aviation and high handling cost at most airports where there is literally no competition for handling services. Have a great year yourself.

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