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A weekly roundup from Eastern Africa and the Indian Ocean islands of breaking news, reports, travel stories and opinions by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome

You can get your daily news updates instantly via Twitter by following @whthomeor join me on www.facebook.com/WolfgangHThome where the articles also ‘cross load’. All posts also appear via LinkedIn and Google+.

Read the daily postings on my blog via www.wolfganghthome.wordpress.com which you can also ‘follow’ to get instant notification when a new article is posted.

Reproduction of any material will require prior written consent and when consent is granted proper author’s credit.

Much of my material is published on www.eturbonews.com/africa – the global industry leader for e-communications to the tourism and travel trade.

When I started to publish articles some 13 years ago, it all began with ‘News from Uganda, the Pearl of Africa’, turning to ‘News from Uganda’ Gifted by Nature’ before then widening the scope and becoming the once a week publication ‘News from Eastern Africa and the Indian Ocean islands’. In 2011 I moved to upload my articles daily, crossloading to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, before expanding it to Google+ later on.
With over 5.000 direct subscribers to my blog now, and 525.000+ readers, plus a combined nearly 7.000 recipients of my daily postings via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, the need to repeat the daily posts in a weekly summary here has become increasingly redundant.
Therefore, from January 2014 onwards, there will be no weekly summary published any longer, as the daily articles, and the readership, directly and through syndication, are quite enough.
Thank you all for continuing to log on my blog site, read my articles, travel reflections and opinion pieces – I am grateful and truly appreciate the support and overwhelmingly positive feedback I have received over the years.
Have a great New Year 2014 and don’t forget, with one single click you can now receive notification of every article posted.

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  1. Happy New year Prof You’re doing a great job Please keep it up

    Harrison NJOROGE General Manager +254 720 259 593 +256 776 259 593

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