Sauti Za Busara – 5 weeks and counting


(Posted 08th January 2014)

What has arguably become Africa’s best known music and performing arts festival, and is without doubt East Africa’s leading event to showcase African music and films, Sauti za Busara is now just over a month away and the organizers are working flat out to be ready for the inflow of a record number of visitors for this year’s event.

The lineup of groups and musicians promises to bring yet more ear and eye candies to the spectators and after National Geographic ( named the festival as one of their best winter trips from the United States, yet more priceless publicity is almost guaranteed, spreading the fame of the festival around the world.

Hoteliers expect to be fully booked between the 13th to 16th of February – the festival days – but experience shows that even the days prior and immediately after the festival remain in demand as visitors who come for the festival then take time to explore the Spice Island before returning home again.

Airlines have reported strong advance bookings for the festival period too and tickets to access the 17th century fort of the Omani Sultans are also selling at a fast pace. (

Media accreditation runs until the 17th of January and details can be accessed through the Sauti Za Busara website by clicking on this link:

Zanzibar has become the ‘en vogue’ destination in East Africa with a number of top ranked resorts available for discerning travelers though accommodation facilities are available to suit all pockets. Flights from Dar es Salaam are operated by Precision Air, FastJet, Coastal Aviation and a number of other airlines and there are daily ferry connections between the mainland and the island of Unguja, Zanzibar’s main island where the festival is staged.

Make a date with Zanzibar and Sauti za Busara 2014 and see the impressive lineup of performers, but in view of the advanced time, make that date as fast as you can.

(Impressions from the 2013 edition of Sauti za Busara)

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