Online hotel marketing solutions provider HLS comes to Uganda

A hosted piece from Mamerito Ssenfuma of Guide2Uganda


(Posted 10th January 2014)

Hotel Link Solutions (HLS), a leading global provider of accommodation digital marketing solutions, successfully entered Uganda market. This new company in the East Africa region, brings product line of advanced digital online marketing solutions to hotels, safari lodges, apartments and other accommodation buildings.

Hotel Link Solutions “referred to as the Product” is a web based cloud service ‘SaaS’ that enables accommodation providers to sell their accommodation and other hospitality services online and to process bookings. The Product “as is” includes:

(a) A technology system which includes;

i. A template driven system for building e-commerce enabled websites for accommodation providers.

Website features include;

A fully featured Content Management System

Google Maps

Weather feed

Up to 9 email accounts

Ability to add unlimited extra pages

Ability to import third party services (transfers, tours etc.)

ii. A booking widget

iii. A booking engine with a variety of payment gateway options

iv. A mobile website

v. A channel management system

vi. A social media module

vii. Access to low cost OTA portals to aggregate accommodations by theme or region

These component parts are available separately or packages to accommodation providers

Hotel Link Solutions has been set up to partner with accommodations on their digital marketing journey and to empower them to take control of their future. They have team members based in Vietnam, Brazil, Philippines, South Africa, Australia and the United States with a wide range of experience in the accommodation industry ranging from IT and web marketing through to owning and operating properties.

Hotel Link Solutions is committed to give accommodation owners in Uganda full control over their accommodation’s online business” says Sula Kakande, HLS Uganda, Country Executive. “Our solutions will enable you to be in charge of everything – your website, bookings and distribution

HLS provides hotels with a channel management solution. Quite simply, it’s the technology that use to give OTAs (expedia, etc) access to instant bookings. The hotel loads their rooms into the system and all OTAs that the hotel works with are connected to it. As one OTA books a room, then one less room is available for other OTAs to sell. It updates automatically.

The advantage of having instant bookings available is huge for a hotel. Apart from their conversion rate increasing dramatically (people want to book on the spot, not wait to hear whether the hotel has space), it also reduces human errors (no double booking) and allows the small properties to work with the large, and often very successful global OTAs like Expedia.

Hotel Link Solutions Uganda has an experienced crew of hospitality and online experts to showcase the kinds of Hotel Link Solutions online digital-marketing tools that can propel small accommodations into the global marketplace alongside larger brand-name hotels.

Mamerito Ssenfuma, an expert in e-commerce technologies will lead Hotel Link solutions Uganda business operations and customer management activities in Uganda. He has lived in Uganda for over twenty years and has a keen interest in holiday destinations and local events. “I am very excited to be working with Hotel Link Solutions and to lead these activities. HLSUganda has all the tools required for successful customer engagements in Uganda and neighboring,” said Mamerito.

Hotel Link solutions Uganda expects to exceed a whooping accommodation of 150 properties in Uganda having digital marketing packages by the end of 2014.

For more information, visit sula, or info +256751394003, +256704619784.

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