The Good Safari Guide News & Special Offers

The UCOTA Newsletter, re-published here yesterday, got a lot of positive
feedback from readers, many asking for more such detailed ‘in country’
information. Today I am happy to share with you the latest from The Good
Safari Guide and I am sure there will be plenty of more select ‘shares’ to

come. Enjoy!

The Good Safari Guide News & Special Offers

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Good Safari Guide Newsletter

Safari News from the Safari World in Africa and Beyond

Latest News from the Safari World


Lion: King of The Jungle

King of the jungle… Sovereign of the safari?Read more


Wednesday Wildlife Wisdom: 5 Zebra Facts

5 zebra facts. Are zebras white with black stripes or black with white stripes?Read more


Good News: Elephant Poaching Story in China Goes Viral

The Wildlife Conservation Society reports that an article raising the awareness of the ivory trade has gone viral in ChinaRead more


Kids’ Safari in Africa: Go Green with Kwandwe

Kwandwe Private Game Reserve’s introduces eco activities to their kiddies safaris in AfricaRead more


Poaching: Latest News in Africa

Who is winning the latest battles in the war, poachers v wildlife?Read more


Safari to Zambia during the Emerald Season

It is odd to think of tour operators promoting safaris in the rains, especially to English clients who tend to seek out sunny climes for their holidays.Read more


How Ant’s Riding Safaris is Saving the Rhinos

At the Ant Collection in the Waterberg South Africa, their rhinos are as precious to them as family members. Here’s what they’re doing to fight poaching.Read more


What do Tourists Want?

A Tripadvisor survey confirms that we all want free stuff and no one cares about the minibar..Read more


Safari in India: What if You’re Gay?

A safari in India is on many people’s bucketlists, but India has just shut its doors to those in same-sex relationships.Read more


Celebrating Kenya’s 50th Independence Day

On December 12th 2013 Kenya marked 50 years of self-governance; there has been no better time to visit.Read more

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