AVIASSIST ready to accredit aviation media for Entebbe event


(Posted 17th January 2014)

The AVIASSIST Foundation, which will be holding a series of certification workshops in Entebbe / Uganda between the 10th and 21st of March this year, has late yesterday made available their media accreditation policy for this and other of their events in a move aimed to widen their reach through press coverage.

The following workshops and seminars are planned for the Entebbe event:

– Airworthiness Certification course – March 10-12 – Entebbe, Uganda

– Flight Data Management course – March 11 & 12 – Entebbe, Uganda

– 2Gether 4Safety seminar & exhibition, March 13-14 Entebbe, Uganda

– IATA Dangerous Goods course – March 17-21, Entebbe, Uganda

– Aviation English course (ICAO compliant) – March 17-21, Entebbe, Uganda (T.b.c)

– Introduction to SMS – March 17-19, Entebbe, Uganda (T.b.c)

For the benefit of aviation journalists subscribed to this publication, who may want to cover the events in Uganda or at other locations where AviAssist is holding their workshops around the world, here are the key requirements as made available by Hans van Dijkhuizen, Sr. Project Manager of the AviAssist Foundation:

Start quote:



All media are requested to provide:

· Personal details (name, address and contact information)

· An official letter of assignment from the Editor-in-Chief.

· plus, any one of the following documents:

o copies of recent (within the last 6 months) bylined articles;

o a recent copy of the page of the publication which provides the names of regular editorial staff and contributors and which lists the journalist seeking accreditation;

o a photocopy of their national/international press card valid through to the end of the event.


Media accreditation may only be granted only to the editorial staff representing a recognized media organization that is:

· print publications – available to the general public and which generally carries paid advertising. Print publications should be published at least 4 times a year by an organization whose principle business activity is publishing;

· news services – providing news coverage to subscribers, including newspapers and periodicals

· online media – generating at least once a month a substantial amount of original news content or analysis that extends beyond personal diaries, forums and external links. The site should be registered to a media organization with a verifiable non-web address and telephone number.

No media accreditation will be granted to broadcasting media (radio and television) or independent film and video production companies.

Bloggers may be granted accreditation if blog content is deemed relevant to the industry, contains news commentary, is regularly updated and made publicly available. Corporate blogs are not eligible for accreditation.
All other non-editorial staff working for a publishing house (i.e. management, marketing and advertising executives, etc.), researchers, authors and editors of directories cannot be granted media/analyst credentials. Accreditation can also not be accorded to the information outlets of NGOs.


The AviAssist Foundation must be satisfied that anyone applying for accreditation is a professional journalist with a proven track record of reporting for bona fide media. Applications for accreditation are considered on a case-by-case basis and the decisions of the AviAssist Foundation is final. Applicants will be notified when their documents have been accepted. To collect your badge, a valid passport or form of photo ID must be presented.

Please send all required information to hans.vandijkhuizen

End quote

The Entebbe workshops are held in conjunction with CASSOA, the East African Community’s Civil Aviation Safety and Security Oversight Agency and are supported by among others KLM and Kenya Airways. For more information visit www.aviassist.org http://twitter.com/Aviassist http://www.facebook.com/groups/264500146929907/

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