21 Marathons in 21 Days – running for the Mountain Gorillas


(Posted 18th January 2014)

"800reasons" is one man´s Charity Run across Uganda! Aim is to draw Your attention to extremely endangered mountain gorillas! My promise is to run as many kilometers as there are mountain gorillas left in the world.. 880 km in 21 days! www.800reasons.com is the introduction on the Facebook page of Jyri Reinikka, who after planning his journey for several months, set out at the end of December to run from the border with Kenya across Uganda, one kilometre dedicated to each of the estimated 880 surviving mountain gorillas left in Uganda, Rwanda and the DR Congo.

Yesterday he reached the Congolese border after completing his run which took him 21 days, literally running a full marathon every day for the duration. ‘800reasons’ via this link

is also found on YouTube, giving a visual impression of this winning private venture in support of the gentle giants of the Virunga mountains. Uganda’s conservation fraternity, undoubtedly joined by their Rwandan and Congolese counterparts, is truly thankful for this extraordinary effort and for the priceless publicity generated for the plight of this highly endangered species. Webare Nyo, Asante Sana, Thank you very much Jyri!

(A photo of Jyri Reinikka as he ran across rural Uganda and while promoting his trip back home in Finland)