Shanghai next for Ethiopian Airlines


(Posted 19th January 2014)

Ethiopian Airlines will commence daily flights from Addis Ababa to Shanghai as Africa’s largest airline seeks to capitalize from increased passenger and cargo traffic from Africa to China and vice versa. ET was a pioneer in flying to China with flights to Beijing before progressively adding other destinations like Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Hangzhou.

Effective 29th of March will a B787 Dreamliner leave ADD at 23.30 hrs local time, arriving in PVG at 15.15 hrs the next day before returning back to ADD the following morning at 06.35 hrs, giving passengers connecting into the airline’s extensive Africa network convenient onward connections.

This will bring Ethiopian’s total China destinations to 5, making it one of the world’s airlines with the most destinations and flights to China and certainly Africa’s leading carrier to the Far and South East, where it also serves Seoul via Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur and Singapore via Bangkok.

Ethiopian was Boeing’s launch customer in Africa for the B787, and while like other launch airlines in Asia, America, the Gulf and Europe affected by the early problems of this aircraft, which led to a global grounding for several months last year, is now taking full advantage of having already 5 of these birds flying and taking delivery of 5 more under their current order of 10.

As one of Africa’ three members of global industry leader Star Alliance, the other two being Egypt Air and South African Airways, Ethiopian is the airline of choice for most of the connecting alliance traffic to Africa via Addis Ababa, for the convenience of offering the most destinations on the continent, many, especially in Eastern Africa served twice a day. Watch this space for breaking and regular news from the aviation industry in Africa.

(Ethiopian route map from Addis Ababa to China, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore)

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  1. ET has a total of 13 B787s on order, with 8 remaining for delivery. It will receive its second 777-300 in the coming weeks.

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