Zambia’s Proflight ‘welcomes’ the planned arrival of FastJet


(Posted 19th January 2014)

Proflight, Zambia’s only remaining scheduled airline flying to international destinations as well as serving domestic routes with presently a fleet of 16 single engine, twin engine and turboprop aircraft, has responded to news that FastJet was eyeing an entry into the Zambian market. Started in 1991, some 22+ years ago by former Zambia Airways Captain Tony Irwin, the airline has since grown to be the largest airline, surviving Zambia Airways and Zambezi Airlines, both of which folded.

Proflight new serves some 10 domestic and 2 international destinations, the latter being Lilongwe / Malawi and Dar es Salaam / Tanzania.

It is from there that the latest competitive challenge has emerged as FastJet will commence twice weekly flights from Dar to Lusaka come 01st November.

In response to the announcement of flights from Dar es Salaam to Lusaka by FastJet (T) and the announcement from FastJet PLC about plans to start up an airline based in Zambia, Proflight responded through their Director for Government and Industry Affairs Capt. Philip Lemba as follows: ‘The FastJet business model is very different from the Proflight model and we feel there is demand for the affordable prices that a low-cost carrier such as FastJet can offer.Competition in any industry is good as it forces standards to be kept high in products and services. We respect FastJet’s move to provide cheap service for budget travellers and their affordable fares should be good news for the Zambian travelling public’. Capt. Lemba then went on to say: ‘Our pledge to our customers is to continue offering a high level of service with safety, reliability, efficiency and friendly service as our guiding values. The service we offer allows for ease of booking using a number of distribution channels and interline partners’.

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