Rwanda promotes her tourism attractions in Holland


(Posted 22nd January 2014)

Several companies from The Land of a Thousand Hills were participating in the Utrecht tourism trade show where they were able to showcase Rwanda’s tourism attractions to some 140.000 show visitors, many of whom flocked to the Rwandan stand to learn more about the country, watch the display of the traditional dancers and enjoy a cup of Rwandan tea or coffee, getting a taste what to expect when coming for real.

KLM now flies daily between Amsterdam and Kigali, before continuing to Entebbe, which has opened the global market for Rwanda and allows tourists, and business visitors, to fly any day of the week to Kigali.

This year will be the 20th anniversary of the Genocide of 1994 and the entire country is gearing up towards the day when the mass slaughter of the innocent started. From that day onwards Rwandans will be commemorating every single day of the 100 days the killings lasted before the Rwanda Patriotic Front finally expelled the last of the killers who ran under the cover of tens of thousands of refugees into the Congo.

Those killer militias, until today, continue to pose a clear and present danger to the new Rwanda which has since risen like the Phoenix from the ashes as the Congo’s regime and the UN’s so called peace keeping troops in Eastern Congo have tackled ALL but those FDLR militias, lending credibility to allegations that they are in fact covertly cooperating with them to pursue their own hidden agenda vis a vis Rwanda.

Be that as it may, the country has seen a remarkable revival in economic terms as well as in terms of reconciliation, and double digit growth figures over the past years have seen tourist numbers rise year after year and the tourism sector become a cornerstone of economic development and empowerment of the local communities. For more information visit or check out for details of how to fly to Rwanda.

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