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(Posted 25th January 2014)

Many of the visitors I met over the years who came to Uganda to find investment opportunities, or simply to live or retire in the Pearl of Africa, expressed their desire to own an island on Lake Victoria, but for most that has remained a distant dream. That dream however can now become reality as precisely such an island is now coming on the market for someone who wants to retreat there for the quiet life or perhaps more actively wants to run a small boutique lodge.

Samuka Island, a 12 acre private island just half an hour by boat from the Source of the Nile, has according to owner Daniel Tyler been put up for sale, a great opportunity for an investor to either increase their portfolio in Uganda or else get a foot in the door and tap into the Pearl of Africa’s fast growing tourism industry.

Presently the island offers 7 rooms in 5 cottages for guests staying overnight, a swimming pool, restaurant and bar and a lounge area for island residents and according to Daniel is a 7 seater speedboat with a 200HP outboard engine also part of the bargain. This gives ample room for expansion as there is growing demand from visitors who come to Jinja to explore the mighty River Nile as it starts its long journey to the Mediterranean or else the East of Uganda with Mt. Elgon and a range of related adventure activities available there, including paragliding.

From the island can guests take trip onto Lake Victoria for fishing, do bird watching expeditions along the lake shores or by simply walking across the more wooded area of the island or use Samuka as a base to engage in all the adventure activities Jinja – aka East Africa’s Adventure Capital – has to offer, from Bungee Jumping to white water rafting, from quad biking to horseback safaris plus a range of other active adventure activities which have sprung up along the upper Nile valley over the past decade.

About Samuka

Peace, Tranquility, and Serenity


We don’t have Gorillas…We don’t have Chimpanzees…Neither do we have Lions or Elephants…But we do have something that’s in short supply…PEACE AND TRANQUILITY.

General Information

Samuka Island Retreat is a boutique lodge within a bird Sanctuary with over 50 species of birds. Samuka Island is just off the shores of Jinja, Uganda, only one and half hours away from Kampala but a world away from the crowds. A gentle boat trip from Rumours at the Source of the Nile in Jinja will take the discerning traveler to Samuka Island. With a spectacular waterfront setting, natural beauty, and the option of relaxing in a secluded spot, all combine to make your stay the perfect way to refresh the mind, body, and delight the senses.

We currently have 5 self contained single and double cottages with 7 rooms. All rooms have solar electricity and solar hot water.

Every effort has been made to meet the needs of our guests while preserving the natural splendours of the environment. With no cars…not even roads…peace and tranquility for all our guests is assured.

For those who want to walk on the wild side of life, the following activities can be arranged from Samuka Island Retreat:

White Water Rafting on the Nile, Bunjee Jumping, Kayaking on the Nile or around Samuka Island, Horseback Riding, Quadbike Tours, Water Skying/Tubing, half or full day fishing trips can be all arranged.

The island is also known for periodic special events, like the ‘Last Man Standing’ pool parties where no neighbours but fish and birds might complain about the loud music and the reveling until dawn. For more information about the lodge visit info. Alternatively other information on the web can be found via

Welcome to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.

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