New VSPT Projects – Soap and Tea Time!

As part of sharing sectoral news, this news flash reached me yesterday from Volcanoes Safaris and is worth sharing with my readers. Enjoy!

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Happy New Year from the VSPT!

2013 was full of success stories for us, mostly centred on the Batwa community in Mount Gahinga who are now thriving on the activities they participate in for Volcanoes Safaris guests including the Heritage Site, Vocational Centre and Dance Group to name only a few. To celebrate the work that was accomplished through the course of the year, we had a celebration at the Kyambura Gorge Community Centre, enjoying music, food, company (and cameras) as well as basketball and lots of dancing.

2014, here we come!

Tea Processing Tour Launches

We’ve started a Tea Processing exhibit at Bwindi Lodge in partnership with local communities, where local people gather tea from the 50-acre buffer zone that surrounds the Volcanoes lodge. The tour demonstrates how tea is grown, picked and traditionally processed. You can even try some yourself!

Showing you not only how the tea is grown and harvested but also how it is processed to create black, green and white teas all from the same leaf, the tour really is a project designed to grow on the success of the Coffee Co-Operative in Kyambura Gorge. Come and visit this community project!

New Handmade Soaps

Expanding and exploring the properties of coffee and its uses, the VSPT has begun crafting handmade organic soaps with the women of the Coffee Co-Operative in the Kyambura Gorge area.

The soap uses organic oils such as olive, shea and sunflower that are then mixed with robusta coffee grown and processed by the women themselves. The whole process, start to finish, is accomplished on the grounds of the VSPT Community and Resource Centre to produce results that are fragrant and refreshing.

This new development can be visited by guests and, of course, the soaps will be able to be purchased, making ideal gifts for friends and family back home!

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