ZanAir plane in slight landing mishap on Pemba island


(Posted 27th January 2014)

Zanzibar based Zan Air was reportedly suffering a landing mishap last Friday when landing on the island of Pemba in the late afternoon.

The plane, after touching down, apparently slid off the main runway but came to a halt without causing any injuries to the 17 passengers on board. All passengers and the two pilots disembarked safely from the plane. The flight had originated from the main Zanzibar island of Unguja. An investigation is now underway to establish why the incident occurred, accelerated by the fact that a Minister in the Zanzibar government was on board accompanied by his Permanent Secretary.

The airline, formed in 1992, generally has a good safety record and according to information received from Dar es Salaam, operates a fleet of 1 Piper Seneca, 1 Cessna 402, 2 Cessna 404 and 2 LET 410, one of the latter reportedly used for the flight to Pemba. Zan Air, IATA designator B4 and ICAO designator TAN operates scheduled and charter flights from Zanzibar to Pemba, Dar es Salaam, Arusha and national parks and game reserves like the Selous. For more information on ZanAir visit

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