Outright lies or innocent mistake – why name Kenya for a South African incident


(Posted 28th January 2014)

The authors of an article with a deliberately misleading headline, suggesting an incident in South Africa, where a tourist got gored by an elephant actually took place in Kenya, has immediately led to suggestions that the publication has a hidden agenda against Kenya. Emails to the editor, according to two sources in Nairobi, went unanswered by the time of uploading this article, lending further credibility to the allegations, that there is a hidden agenda at work to downtalk Kenya by hook or crook, if not outright attempt to decampaign the country.

Authors Claire Duffin and Aislinn Laing themselves came into the firing line too with suggestions from the Kenyan tourism fraternity that the two suffer from an incurable geographical knowledge deficit, perhaps being among those who insult the continent by thinking that Africa is but one country, while others tended to believe that they are simply willing tools to make Kenya look bad, naming the country for an incident which took place four flight hours away, and to make matters worse, took place on 30th of December last year.

While the truth may or may not come out, the publication may very likely offer a shallow ‘sorry’ for an ‘unintended mistake’ this may, or of course rather may not be believed in Kenya, especially among tourism circles, where cold anger over the faux pas is now growing. After all, would you trust a publication which is geographically as challenged as is the ‘Telegraph.co.uk’?

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