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Subject: The Good Safari Guide News & Special Offers

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Ride Out to the Bush, then Take a Dip

Ride out to Camp Davidson in the bush feel like you are riding back a few centuries, except that it now has a pool!Read more


A Great Special to Get Away on Safari this Easter

A great special to get away on safari this EasterRead more


Become a Safari Guide for a Week

Are you passionate about wildlife? Karisia Walking Safaris needs you!Read more


Safari in South America, North America, India?

Africa will always be safari capital of the world, but it’s worth considering other continents for what they can offer when it comes to wildlife tourism.Read more


Taking the Teenagers on Safari

What does it feel like to go on a safari in Kenya as a teenager? India Roberts reports.Read more


Children go free at Alfajiri Villas

At Alfajiri Villas CHILDREN GO FREE VALID FROM 15th JANUARY to 14th JULY 2014Read more


Shocking Footage of Elephant Attack on Car

Tourists took unnecessary risks in the Kruger, South Africa, and paid the priceRead more


The Safari Awards 2014 Finalists Announced: Best Camp in Africa

The Safari Awards Finalists in categories from Best Cuisine to Best Camp in Africa announcedRead more


Lion: King of The Jungle

King of the jungle… Sovereign of the safari?Read more


Wednesday Wildlife Wisdom: 5 Zebra Facts

5 zebra facts. Are zebras white with black stripes or black with white stripes?Read more

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