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News from The Good Safari Guide – The Safari Awards 2014

While front runner Zambia took the lion’s share of this year’s awards,
Kenya has, inspite of the challenges the destination faces this year,
acquitted herself admirably and bagged a good number of awards.
Tanzania is back in the frame too with ‘Best Beach Safari’ while
sadly Uganda has again failed to make an impact with the judges.
Try harder for the next round is my advice here to our home boys!

Enjoy the news update!

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome
eTurboNews, Inc

2014 Safari Awards Winners Announced

In its sixth year, the 2014 Safari Awards, reveal the very best safari lodges, camps and houses alongside the most outstanding safari guides and operators in Africa – the ‘who’s who’ of the safari community.

Sponsored by The Good Safari Guide, and led by a team of 15 highly respected independent safari specialists from Australia, Germany, USA and the UK, over 4000 public and travel trade nominations for over 250 safari properties, guides and operators have been whittled down to 18 award winners representing the future of wildlife tourism and conservation in Africa.

The Results:

Zarafa Camp in Botswana, winner of the 2014 Safari Awards Best Safari Camp in Africa for the second year running.

About Zarafa – Best Safari Camp in Africa
Zarafa Camp, located in the 320,000-acre Selinda Reserve is synonymous with exclusivity and perfection. The spirit behind Zarafa Camp comes from Colin Bell, Dereck and Beverly Joubert, who together designed Zarafa to incorporate all the components of what they envisioned as the ‘perfect’ safari camp. It embodies authenticity, luxury and simplicity to create a camp that has been clearly considered, and thoughtfully planned to be as environmentally sensitive as possible. It is the culmination of years of safari experience.

Dereck Joubert, CEO and Founder of Great Plains Conservation, commented today,
‘Winning this award is amazing. Zarafa Camp is a beautiful shell but without the staff it remains a shell; we are certainly sharing this award with all the staff who are the heart and soul of Zarafa. Winning this award allows us to open up conversations about the conservation work we are doing, which is our primary initiative. For example, it points a spotlight at our ‘Zeros for Rhinos’ (http://bit.ly/1iO12Ic) initiative where we are aiming to move 100 rhinos out of a hot poaching area into the area around Zarafa where poaching rates are low. Great Plains is more than just a safari destination, it is a conservation company. I would like to sincerely thank all those who supported Zarafa Camp in the 2014 Awards.’

The ‘Best New Safari Camp’ is always an interesting category, unearthing the safari properties of the future. This year’s title is taken by the fabulous Chinzombo in Zambia.

Mindy Roberts commented today,
“All of us at Norman Carr Safaris are so proud of the whole team; it was a huge company-wide effort to build Chinzombo. The camp has attracted interest worldwide, not only for its wildly luxurious design, incredible location and fabulous wildlife, but because the team in camp brings it to life; we think it retains the legacy of Norman Carr but brings something completely new to Zambia.”

2014 Awards Results List:

Best Safari Property in Africa:
Winner – Zarafa Camp – http://bit.ly/1dX6Ygb
Runner Up – Sausage Tree Camp – http://bit.ly/1j3kgZS

Best Value Safari Property:
Winner – Wolwedans Dunes Lodge – http://bit.ly/1djw4H6
Runner Up – Kicheche Laikipia Camp – http://bit.ly/1hbEy6y

Best Safari House:
Winner – Leobo – http://bit.ly/12CHkZc
Runner Up – Sirikoi House – http://bit.ly/1ntOJRz

Best New Safari Property:
Winner – Chinzombo – http://bit.ly/LU0BzQ
Runner – Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge – http://bit.ly/1dQMfeH

Best Walking Safari Operator:
Winner – Norman Carr Walking Safaris – http://bit.ly/NBSpGj
Runner – Karisia Walking Safaris – http://bit.ly/1jx0bP1

Best Mobile Safari Operator:
Winner – Uncharted Africa – http://bit.ly/MbB8CP
Runner Up – Selinda Canoe Trail – http://bit.ly/1eqzN17

Best Riding Safari Operator:
Winner – Ride Botswana – http://bit.ly/1jwBylv
Runner Up – Okavango Horse Safaris – http://bit.ly/1gtq79d

Best Ecologically Responsible Safari Operator:
Winner – Wolwedans Dunes Lodge – http://bit.ly/1djw4H6
Runner Up – Zarafa Camp – http://bit.ly/1dX6Ygb

Best Community Focused Safari Operator:
Winner – Sarara Tented Camp – http://bit.ly/LUcFRD
Runner Up – Grootbos Forest Lodge – http://bit.ly/1fgiUao

Best Safari Retreat/Spa:
Winner – Lion in Sun – http://bit.ly/1ntF514
Runner Up – Karkloof Safari Spa – http://bit.ly/1fYR6Je

Best Marine Safari Property:
Winner – Fundu Lagoon – http://bit.ly/1ntDEQl
Runner Up – Ibo Island Lodge – http://bit.ly/1gtjGCV

Best Safari Cuisine:
Winner – Jamala Madikwe – http://bit.ly/1ePKIm5
Runner Up – Alfajiri – http://bit.ly/NCf31o

Best Safari Guiding Team:
Winner – Norman Carr Walking Safaris – http://bit.ly/NBSpGj
Runner Up – Serian – http://bit.ly/1lCiAIf

Best Safari Guide:
Winner (Joint) – Alex Walker http://bit.ly/1eOriTy
Winner (Joint) – Robin Pope http://bit.ly/1dFN8m8
Runner Up – Super Sande – http://bit.ly/LSASI8

Best Safari Romantic/Honeymoon Room:
Winner – Greystoke Mahale – http://bit.ly/1dHw27q
Runner Up – Wolwedans Private Camp – http://bit.ly/1fglf5e

Best Personal Contribution to Wildlife Conservation in Africa:
Winner – Clive Stockil – http://bit.ly/1ctGXC1

Best Charitable Organisation Operating in Africa:
Winner – Uthando – http://bit.ly/Jqli1X
Runner Up – Wonderbags in Africa – http://bit.ly/1eO6ziM

Best Wildlife Conservation Organisation:
Winner – David Sheldrick Trust – http://bit.ly/JWUDeN
Runner – Mara Elephant Project – http://bit.ly/1ctDvag

“The Safari Awards results truly reflect the views of the seasoned safari traveller and the safari trade professional. This year the emphasis is clearly on conservation, and all of us who support wildlife, particularly in Africa, would like to see this consolidated in 2014. We wish the nominees, finalists and winners all the success they deserve for their incredibly hard work in reaching this point; each and every Safari Awards nominee is a leader in its field” said
Rosanne Cobb, co-founder of The Safari Awards.


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