Travel & Leisure Magazine names Serengeti Serena among the ‘World Best’


(Posted 18th February 2014)

Serena Hotels, arguably Eastern Africa’s most successful and most widespread hospitality group with 24 properties in 5 countries, continues in 2014 as it ended 2013, with more accolades heaped upon them for the exceptional quality of their properties in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Mozambique and here again in Tanzania.

The Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge was selected by the New York based Travel & Leisure’ global readership as one of their choices of the world’s best hotels, or in this case a safari lodge, the result needless to say audited after the votes were in and had been counted. The magazine, published on a monthly basis, has nearly 5 million readers and their choices of destination and location is thought to often represent a stamp of approval for many more who also want to visit these exotic places and are inspired and tempted to follow the leads given by the magazine.

The Serengeti Safari Lodge is one of three Serena properties in Tanzania’s best known national park and located in the very heart of the park, offering sweeping views from all vantage points across the undulating plains.

Not far away from the lodge is Ol Duvai, one of the birthplaces of mankind, where the famous Leakey family first found footsteps and signs of human life dating back some 3.5 million years. The site has since then been turned into a major museum and is the proverbial gold mine for archeologists, researchers and scientists who continue to explore the area and unearthing more of the mystery how our distant ancestors lived in this part of Africa.

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