Beau Vallon beautification project advances


(Posted 21st February 2014)

The remodeling of the beach front at Beau Vallon Bay is taking shape now, as the promenade walkway from the Coral Strand Hotel to the La Plage seafood restaurant is nearing completion and is getting ready to be launched within weeks now. Key supporters of the beautification of the beach front, the private sector through the Seychelles Hospitality and Tourism Association, hotels, restaurants and shops in the Beau Vallon area and the Seychelles government through the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and other government bodies, have advocated to turn this stretch of beach front into a showcase development for both tourists and locals alike.

Also making progress towards opening is the new Savoy Hotel and an early arrival in the Seychelles, ahead of the upcoming Carnaval de Carnivals, the Carnival International de Victoria, will allow for onsite visits to see and assess the changes since last walking through the area last year in October. Watch this space for regular news updates about the Seychelles islands. For more information visit

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