Seychelles Tourism Academy moves back to bilingual teaching


(Posted 23rd February 2014)

The Seychelles Tourism Academy, undergoing a fundamental transformation with phase one of the reconstruction of the institute going on schedule and due for its launch in a few months time, has committed itself to give French as the medium of instruction in classes equal priority with English, it was learned over the weekend.

Emphasis for a while was on the use of English to improve proficiency of the use of this global language but bilingual instructions are now coming back into focus again after a meeting between the academy management and the French Ambassador during the week.

France is a key overseas market for the Seychelles and with the country having three official languages, Creole, spoken widely in the day to day live of the Seychellois, English and French, equitable distribution especially at the Tourism Academy is thought to be important to promote the full command of both.

The academy’s new language laboratory, when open, will also offer courses in German, Italian, Spanish and if correctly remembered Chinese as a new optional language, a smart move considering the increase in visitors from China over the past three years.

The Seychelles Tourism Academy is partnering with Shannon University College for degree programmes in hospitality and tourism management and has also signed agreements with hotel schools in Shanghai, Muscat and Malta, and when the second phase of reconstruction is complete will undoubtedly claim a top spot among Africa’s hotel and tourism training academies in terms of academic performance and courses offered, while it is already the most scenic such institute anywhere in Africa with a setting in La Misere, overlooking the shores of the Indian Ocean from high up in the hills more befitting to a billionaire’s residence than a hotel school.

Already are some foreign students taking courses at STA and when complete a significantly larger number of students from other Indian Ocean islands but also from the African mainland are expected to come to the Seychelles Tourism Academy to study in certificate, diploma and degree courses.

(Pictures taken during the last visit to the academy in October last year, showing from left to right construction in progress, the million dollar view across the Indian Ocean and a cooking competition in the main instruction kitchen)

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