And the winners are … IRT announces results of their 2013 agency challenge


(Posted 26th February 2014)

The winners of the annual ‘Challenge des Agences Réceptives Partenaires 2013’ have been revealed yesterday in St. Denis, the capital of Ile de la Reunion, when IRT, the island’s tourism office, announced who won the four available categories of the competition.

Throughout the last year did six incoming agencies Reunion Island Challenge Distributors participate in the competition which was set up by the IRT. The objective of this challenge was to boost the distribution network and increase sales partner agencies.

Connections Meeting

Papangue Tours

Bourbon Tourism

Mille Tours

Alizoa Travel

Counter Coral

These six agencies competed over the following categories:

Best turnover

Best progress made

Best seller

Best seller progression

Now were the results announced by IRT to the participants and their representatives were presented with trophies and prizes for the winners.


Best turnover: Papangue Tours

Best Progress made: Connections Meeting

Best seller: Christelle Mussard – Papangue Tours

Best seller progression: Sophie Catherine – Mille Tours

On this occasion, Papangue Tours and Connections Meeting were presented with a trophy created by Valérie Heinis of the Art Workshop Marquetterie.

Christelle Mussard of Papangue Tours and Sophie Catherine de Mille Tours were offered a PassKdo worth € 250.

Congratulations to the winners of ‘Challenge Distributors 2013’.

Meanwhile can a wealth of information about Ile de la Reunion be found on the IRT website by simply clicking on

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