New theme song chosen for the 4th Carnival International de Victoria


(Posted 26th February 2014)

The new Savoy Seychelles Hotel on Beau Vallon Bay has inspite of earlier indications to the contrary not yet been formally opened, leading to speculation over the reasons for the delay.

It is known that latest in March, the first phase of the beautification project of the Beau Vallon Beach side will be officially launched and there have been suggestions that the official opening of the hotel should perhaps coincide with that event to launch both, the new beach promenade and the hotel on the same day.

The new hotel, set back from the main beach but with easy access to it over the new promenade, is seen more than a mixed business and leisure hotel than a proper beach side resort though it offers all the facilities guests expect from a new property in the Seychelles, Spa, restaurants, pool and fitness centre.

Meanwhile it was also learned that this year’s official carnival theme song has been chosen last weekend with Travis Julienne claiming the prize of 35.000 Seychelles Rupees for his creation ‘Ole Ola, en sel lavwa’. An earworm no doubt which visitors to the Seychelles, in the run up to and during the annual Carnival International de Victoria from 25th to 27th of April will be hearing time and again.

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