Two top wildlife officials axed in Dar es Salaam


(Posted 26th February 2014)

The Director of the Wildlife Division of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Prof. Alexander Sogorwa and his deputy, Prof. Jafari Kidegesho, were yesterday relieved of their respective duties by the Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, Hon. Lazaro Nyalandu. The minister had only recently returned from the UK where he attended the London Conservation Conference on Wildlife Crime and expressed his disappointment over the work output of the two when announcing their fate to the media in Dar es Salaam yesterday.

The two were clearly falling victims to the growing pressure building in the Tanzanian parliament where a number of scandals and failures in anti poaching measures have in the past led to the indictment of wildlife officials and the sacking of senior bureaucrats and ministers.

A Mr. Paul Sarakikya was named by Nyalandu as Acting Director of Wildlife while the new Acting Deputy Director was named as Dr. Charles Mulokozi.

In a related development it was also confirmed by a source in Dar es Salaam that the minister gave his senior staff a 30 day ultimatum to prepare and submit a performance report about their departments or else also face the sack.

Time to let action follow good intent and good words.

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