Reunion Tourism seeks new avenues to promote the island in France


(Posted 28th February 2014)

Reunion’s tourism office is pulling out all the stops to make sure the island remains visible in the key French market with the signing of an agreement with France’s Karavel Group.

IRT will have access to three communications platforms to get their messages across the social media and professional networks through Karavel’s ‘Promovacances’, ‘Go Cheap’ and finally ‘A World’.

The present campaign will run until April 03rd and the partners expect additional traffic to be generated from new market segments in France which hitherto have not thought of visiting Ile de la Reunion, one of France’s regions in the deep of the Indian Ocean.

It was additionally agreed to add ‘Private Club Holidays’ to the campaign for the week between 25th of March to 01st of April, adding yet more value to the cooperation agreement.

The sites will carry headline banners, ear pieces, showcase Reunion’s colours and offer video links where Reunion’s main attractions are highlighted. The island is renowned for both conventional beach holidays as well as for adventure holidays, where activities like white water rafting, abseiling, canyoning, hiking and paragliding are complemented by deep sea fishing or, depending on the season, watching whales and dolphins traverse the Indian Ocean off the Reunion beaches. For more details on the island’s hotels, resorts and other facilities visit their website via

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