Magazine shoot promises major promotional mileage for Reunion


(Posted 29th March 2014)

One of France’s leading fashion and lifestyle magazines, Be, has chosen the French Indian Ocean island of Reunion for their photo-shoot which will feature in the July, August and September editions. The group arrived yesterday at the Roland Garros International Airport of the capital St. Denis and will tour the beaches as well as the interior of Reunion for scenic backdrops until the 25th of March.

A team of models, photographers, stylist and assistant , hairdresser, makeup artist and other support staff will travel the roads of the island of Reunion to take pictures for the summer and fall collections 2014. Between 25-30 pages dedicated to Reunion Island will be published in the months of July, August and September 2014 Be Magazine.

The often breathtaking landscapes of Reunion will serve as a backdrop to the photo shoot and the volcanic soil of the Plaine des Sables, the sandy beaches along the lagoon, the waterfall Grand Galet Langevin, the lush colours of Reunion’s countryside, the sugar cane and vanilla plantations and of course the mountains will all feature offering priceless promotional value not just in France but wherever the magazine is sold around the world.

Reunion Tourism, in short IRT, has been in overdrive in recent months following a major UNWTO Sustainable Tourism Conference last year and has been diversifying their marketing to cover new and emerging markets such as China and India. For more details, and information about the Ile de la Reunion, visit

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