Jambojet – they finally take to the air


(Posted 01st April 2014)

Come 06.30 hrs Nairobi time will Jambojet take off for their maiden flight, destined for Kenya’s lakeside city of Kisumu, followed by a 07.30 hrs take off for the city of Mombasa.

Anticipated for months by the travelling public which got frustrated by the night travel ban for busses – kept in place by the government even though the High Court ruled the directive by Transport Secretary Kamau as illegal – is the latest kid on the airline block now finally able to deliver affordable air travel between Kenya’s key cities of Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and Eldoret and pundit expect a major shift of bus passengers to air transport, even though the lowest available fare of about 32 US Dollars or Kenya Shillings 2.850 per sector, all taxes and regulatory charged included, can only be obtained when booking several weeks in advance.

To make the competitive situation worse for other low cost airlines has Jambojet added special offers for transport from the airport to the city centre of Kisumu and Eldoret for just 250 Kenya Shillings, or the equivalent of about 3 US Dollars, adding to the appeal for those travelling on a tight budget. Happy Landings to crews and passengers.

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