Cruising the Seychelles islands, the non plus ultra of a visit to the archipelago


(Posted 08th April 2014)

Most tourists coming to the Seychelles still book a ‘conventional’ holiday, where on arrival they are met by their DMC representative, whisked into a waiting mini van, hotel limousine or even a helicopter to head to their resort destination, on Mahe, Praslin, La Digue or one of several very exclusive and luxurious ‘one island one resort’ locations the archipelago is so famous for. Others, armed with their guide books and the latest ‘app’ on their iPhone or Android smart phones, shoulder their back packs, head to the bus stop just outside the international airport’s arrival area and make their way towards their holiday lets, B&B’S or self catering establishments, where they enjoy their own version of a holiday of a life time on a budget, as the ‘Affordable Seychelles’ too is gaining in popularity.

But for some of the visitors, none of that will do, as they seek the sort of mobility to see not just one but several islands which only a cruising holiday offers.

The Variety Cruise Line ( will this year again offer charters between several of the Seychelles’ inner islands on MV Pegasus, with the season programme starting from the 09th of April and running until 28th of October this year, offering access to some of the most the spectacular sights one can only ever experience when on the ocean, crusing the azure blue pristine waters the archipelago is reknown around the world.

Apart from the main islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue do itineraries include visits to several others of the so called inner islands, including Curieuse, Aride, Felicite, Cousin, St. Pierre and Moyenne. Up to 44 guests can be accommodated on board in 21 cabins on the 45 metre long yacht cruiser for cruises lasting either four or five days, or a combination of two successive trips to see more. At a cruising speed of just 10 knots, in relatively calm waters at this time of the year, guests on board have the feeling of just gliding over the water as they sail between the islands, some of them actually nature or bird reserves, and can enjoy the vista of those magnificent granite rock formations rising from the sea as they sail by.

The crew, numbering between 16 and 18 depending on passengers on board, are multinational and multilingual and are selected with but one thing in mind, to make their passengers leave their stress behind, be pampered and relax to fully enjoy sun, sea and even sand when making landfall for a picnic on a remote beach.

(File photo of the MV Pegasus)

For more information about the 115 islands which make up the Seychelles archipelago visit where literally all questions a wannabe visitor has are answered.

Meanwhile is the Seychelles Tourism Board and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture gearing up towards the annual ‘Carnival International de Victoria’ which this year will take place between the 25th and 27th of April and which will bring the world of carnivals to the Creole island paradise of the Seychelles, where all the leading carnival nations will meet in the capital Victoria. More reasons yet to visit Seychelles, which truly is Another World.