e-Futures Newsletter #2

Shared news update from the ICTP – the International Council of Tourism Partners

e-Futures Newsletter #2 is out!
A word from ICTP President, Prof. Lipman

ICTP says it is time to reconvene the Tourism Climate Summit…

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ggt_uge_one.pngIn this issue:

Community-led Initiative in Renewable Energies:

This story illustrates the power of collective action. You will see that beyond great technologies, it is really the rallying and determination of the community that brought to life this ambitious smart energies project.

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Hilton Goes Green

Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort is distinguishing itself as the destination for green lodging and events.

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Why Hotels are Going Green

If you’ve stayed in a hotel recently, you probably noticed touches of sustainability throughout the hotel…

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Rejuvenating an Island

One island, one dream.

Larry Ellison is making his dreams come true.

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