KWS exchanges gun fire with suspected poachers on Dawida Ranch


(Posted 29th April 2014)

Emerging news tell another story of the difficult task the KWS rangers are facing day in and day out, and the bravery of many of them, as they were fired upon by a gang of suspect poachers while in hot pursuit.

Only a few days ago were 6 elephants found butchered, including four tusk-less adolescents, on a ranch along the Kenya – Tanzania border, prompting a large scale deployment of KWS personnel in the area to flush out the culprits who were thought to hide in the sprawling estate.

After returning fire the KWS team eventually managed to arrest three suspects, and it is yet to be confirmed if they are of a group of 15 alleged poachers who were recently released on bail by court which prompted widespread outrage and stinging criticism on the magistrate in Voi, who set them loose with a laughable bail of just 100.000 Kenya Shillings.

From information received there may still be several poachers in the area and Tanzanian authorities are reportedly cooperating should the gang attempt to cross the border in an attempt to flee.

The Dawida Ranch has in the past been in the news over poaching and other ranches too were targeted by poachers as security measures are not as elaborate as they are in Tsavo East and West National Parks.

The conservation fraternity and world at large owes such dedicated field staff a debt of gratitude for putting their lives on the line while receiving measly salaries and low allowances as they fight often better equipped poaching gangs using night goggles and other advanced gadgets KWS has yet to acquire.

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