Happy Mothers Day – in Uganda and the world over


(Posted 10th May 2014)

Across much of East Africa have during the week special offers been launched to treat mothers’ to a lunch, a dinner, a weekend getaway even and in Kenya did Jambojet put 5.000 tickets on the market at a cost of 1.850 Kenya Shillings, incredible as it sounds in this day and age to fly from Nairobi to Mombasa, Eldoret or Kisumu for just under 23 US Dollars one way, taxes included, to make family reunions an affordable reality.

Here in Uganda people drive to the villages, they do not fly, unless to Arua to where Eagle operates scheduled flights to, or they stay put on occasions like this wherever they live and so most Kampaleans will be eyeing the commercials and adverts in not just newspapers and on TV but increasingly on the social media where hotels are placing their offerings for all to see.

The Kampala Sheraton Hotel will be laying on a special Mothers’ Day brunch this Sunday and has of course put affordable room rates on the market where the kids can chip in and put their resources together and book Mom into a room or a suite at the Sheraton and give her a treat, Spa and fitness centre included of course.

What was once seen and thought of as ‘foreign and alien’ to Ugandan customs, and I am talking of those ‘branded’ days like Valentine, Mothers and Fathers Days, has become increasingly popular in recent years and in particular the upwards mobile youngish population of Kampala lets no opportunity go to waste to celebrate and party, and this weekend to honour their Moms’ – out of true feelings as much as wanting to be seen to be taking them out to the poshest places in town and be part of the ‘we have arrived’ scene.

Bookings for this Sunday’s brunch, at the Sheraton as well as at just about every other place in town, are however highly recommended and one better be sure to have a table booked, or a room confirmed, before telling Mom she is in for a surprise. Happy Mothers’ Day to all the mothers and mothers to be who are reading this and thank you for the sacrifices you have made to bear your children and raise them to make us who we are today.

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