Culinary temptations – made by Sheraton Kampala


(Posted 12th May 2014)

(Check out the desserts first to know how much space to leave)

When breakfast seamlessly moves into lunch that is what the foodies call a brunch and the Sheraton Kampala has just re-launched this hugely popular Sunday meal, offering a variety second to none in the city.

Their entire chef team, featuring speciality chefs from Lebanon over Turkey to India and Malaysia is at work to produce food way beyond what a normal buffet would be like, with the options of hot food, both in terms of temperature and spices, from pasta, fish and meat dishes to the ever popular pizzas, arguably the best in town with a thick bottom and toppings as if weighing scales have gone out of fashion.

There is of course the traditional buffet set up, with offerings of salads, some 15 choices I counted, starters surely covering any taste and then the coup de resistance – sweets galore, leaving many to ponder if the cheeseboard is worth keeping some nooks and crannies in the stomach open for the traditional meal closer.

Competition in Kampala for dine out options has heated up considerably in recent months again and The Eye, Uganda’s premier entertainment and lifestyle guide has pages upon pages of restaurants, take aways and of course the city’s leading hotels, where visitors from abroad, from upcountry or Kampaleans per se can choose where to spend their money and what cuisine to settle for, with ethnic offerings now as wide as the alphabet.

But in the end, when all is said and done, and as seen at the launch, several factors come together and it is the package which makes people ultimately chose one place over another.

At the Sheraton in the heart of Kampala, surrounded by manicured gardens open for visitors to the hotel for a stroll or a sit down under the shady trees, parking is safe and plentiful and gate security ensures that visitors are safe inside. Of course, as everywhere, it is also a place to see and be seen and when combined with some great food, taken indoors or outdoors under shade umbrellas, it sure is a winning combination.

Invited for the launch I was thoroughly impressed, not just by the food itself but by the turnout too, from singles to couples to entire families raiding the buffets and cooking stations which then were promptly replenished so that everyone could get their fill.

Great news for those on a visit to Kampala from abroad to mix and mingle with locals for a chat while waiting for the food to be cooked or just single mindedly tuck into the meal, leaving any thoughts of a diet for another day to ponder. This is not a place to avoid culinary temptations but to give into them for once and leave regrets behind like a folded napkin. Enjoy the pictorial of the Sheraton’s offerings!

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